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Jun. 17th, 2007

I bought two Jap dorama dvds recently, one I was familiar wh, the other one I wasn't.

i wasn't suspecting at all, there's no sign I didn't read the backcover I was only told that it's like adapted from 'harem' kinda manga. -___- harem my ass four out of seven girls in the dorama are AV stars, as in porn stars. I was like wtf. of course I didn't know at first ne. I watched half way and Sora Aoi appeared. EHH?! And then there's random topless scene @__@ and only those two girls did the topless scenes.... so I went online and searched XDDDD turns out those two girls are porn stars XDD but Sora Aoi doesn't have any topless scene >.>

Funny how im so 'jodoh' wh Seto Saki (hanayori dango 1 & 2) bcuz she's in both dorama. Im familar wh haruka 17 bcuz I read the manga.

The point is, after watching these two, I missed my Chiaki senpai, bcuz these two doramas evolve around girls and girls and girls... XD so i re-watched my nodame cantabile and realised how much class nodame dorama has compared to those two. >.> it tells me so much about the manga itself, cuz they're all adapted from mangas. Hehhh but nodame hasn't ended -___- and the anime is sold with such expensive price!!!! hate medan!!! >.>

May. 21st, 2007


My brain just exploded.

Mimosa Salad .... anyone read that b4? I picked it up cuz it's by Masami Morio, the mangaka who created Kengo Kobayashi. MUST READ! READ! I know maybe for u guys not a big deal but to me it so is, bcuz it's adult. mature. Not hentai... whats the word im looking for ... ah, MESUM. XDDDDD

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May. 20th, 2007


WTF is goin on .... first there's a kyopron scandal, now toshiya?!!!!! XDDD it's like coming straight out of my sextape fic! XDDD hahahaha u guys should check it out!


You know how goldfish can grow infinitely large if taken out of a bowl and put in a lake? Think of your life as a goldfish. What setting can you put yourself in so you allow yourself to grow to your full capabilities?


Yes, exactly how I feel right now, so timely. So how's single life treating me?

pics under cut and a quiz!!!! Do the quiz!!! And tell me ur result!! XD

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Apr. 29th, 2007

Which Dir en Grey member would be your ideal boyfriend?

Die is a sweetie! You take good care of him!
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Apr. 29th, 2007

I got a haircut, and ppl been saying i look like julia perez!! No i dont!!! Some, like Quincie n my aunt said i looked like her even before i got the haircut! It's not true right!!!!

I have poor quality pics under the cut just to show i dont look like julia perez! i dont!!! >.< but i dont have her pics, i wont have her pics i wont save her pics to my pc >.> so under the cut it's just my new haircut pic XD

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This is Die's big fan speaking.

ohoho, answering fxxker_fams304's comment, she said how come Kyo from frutis basket is so Die, and I said how come Kengo is also so Die. Here's what I come up wh.

so altho Die's typical or 'standard', this type of guys is hard to find. noCollapse )

Im obssesed wh a new guy

Masami Morio's Omake no Kobayashi-kun

Kengo Kobayashi (male)
Birthday 12/30 Capricorn
Blood type A 179cm

ahee... mas kengo capriconus yah. Chiaki jg kan? no?? Tamaki Hiroshi jg th. N Die jg.

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